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At SMYLYN we suggest you create outfits with more formal garments and other more casual ones, to give your combination a different touch. These three styles that we present to you combine the sweatshirt perfectly, either with a suit or with a coat and you get a sport chic look.
To make your look powerful, modern and attractive, we suggest you combine sweatshirts with blazers, both oversize and tighter, with vests, coats... The possibilities are endless, and if you want to polish the look down to the last detail, add accessories such as sunglasses, a bag, jewelry...
One of our favorite garments, which was born at the end of the 19th century and has become a "must have" in our wardrobe, such as the trench coat, makes the perfect combo with sweatshirts. This look, in addition to being a trend, is very functional, especially when temperatures drop and on rainy days.
There is no doubt that a trend that invites you to create looks with a nod to sporty is the infallible combination of skirt and sweatshirt. Whether with midi-cut skirts, which will give you a greater sense of freedom, or pencil-cut skirts that will add a touch of sobriety, success is guaranteed.
Comfortable clothing has shown that beyond fulfilling its function it had a thousand and one style possibilities. Just had to give it a chance. Here we show you some ideal looks without neglecting comfort, in which you can combine sweatshirts with jackets and pants of different "comfy" fabrics and complete the look with tennis shoes and accessories such as hats or bags.
The classic leather jacket popularized by Marlon Brando in the film Wild (1953) with that grunge aesthetic and a vintage touch, is the perfect ally for the sweatshirt. Together they form the ideal look, whether with an oversize or tighter style, with jeans or tights, with boots or converse...
If there is an infallible style formula that never goes out of style, it is the denim fabric in all its variants, and the infinite looks that it allows to create. You can wear it with a more elegant or more urban style, without leaving comfort aside, by combining it with our sweatshirts.
Boots are essential in our wardrobe and the variety of designs is very wide: flat, with a thick sole and medium cane, black, brown, white or combined. Here we suggest some looks where we combine the boots with hoodies and plaid jackets, to go chic in your day to day.
A hoodie can be worn in many ways and combined with many other garments, but what if you were only wearing the hoodie? Using it as a unique garment, combining it only with accessories, can be the winning combination, as well as being comfortable, you will be able to succeed wherever you go.
It's the most outstanding garment of any winter outfit. Coats are the star piece that sweeps every time the cold knocks on our doors, and perfect allies for hoodies for an elegant and comfortable look.