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Fashion & Trends

Have you noticed the trend among celebrities to wear sweatshirts with their initials on them? From model Gigi Hadid to pop star Justin Bieber, many of our fashion idols are opting for this relaxed yet sophisticated style trend. A sweatshirt with your initials is a simple and stylish way to personalize your wardrobe. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to bring a personal touch to your streetwear ensembles. Whether you prefer a casual

Fashion is cyclical and each season brings us new trends. In recent years, we have seen a fashion trend that mixes garments of different styles to create unique and striking looks. One of the combinations that has become very popular in recent times is that of oversize blazers and sweatshirts. You want to know why? Keep reading. Oversize blazers, also known as men's cut blazers, are characterized by having a wide and loose

We start the year by compiling the fashion trends that will be the most popular in the coming months. Specifically, we want to share with you 10 fashion trends 2023 that look good at any age. To do this, we have analyzed the runway collections for next spring and selected the most practical, versatile and flattering. Metallics, moustache boots, total looks, satin, asymmetry, etc. are the most worn this year.To these trends we

In this post we will give you a few outfits tips, so you can stand out with your athleisure looks.This style hasn't been with us that long, but we can't imagine a street style without it. Athleisure first came to the forefront in 2015, but it did so in the form of oversized sweatshirts, over-the-knee socks and leggings. Six years later, the clothes and accessories that followers of this trend love are

If you are looking for the trends that we will have this fall on the subject of fashion, you have found the perfect place. We bring you the best looks and trends to rock this season.Stay until the end to find the best clothes and know what to buy if you want to renew your wardrobe or go to the latest trends. COATS AND JACKETS As we know, in the fall season they begin

For a few years, new styles of clothing have not stopped appearing and are being renewed with fashion trends. This leads us to have to change clothes or looks from time to time and it can be quite complicated for us. But there are always clothing patterns that can be combined as casual clothes to make youth outfits. These garments are basic and are always easy to combine with many styles and are

how to combine a sweatshirt in an elegant way The sweatshirt has always been associated with more sporty looks, in which it is combined with a piece of tracksuit or goes with a sports outfit. If it is true that most sports brand sweatshirts are usually used for sports or dressed in tracksuits since they do not combine well to go out with jeans. They are also often used to do homework, get dressed